Sunday, February 26, 2012

Caroline at 10 months

It's hard to believe that our little girl is already 10 months old! She is such a joy, and we enjoy watching her grow every day. Here is what our munchkin is doing at 10 months:

This month Caroline decided that she was done eating any type of pureed food. Just flat out stopped eating it. So, we just started giving her table food. She LOVES it! She eats anything and everything, and gets visibly excited when you sit her in her highchair.

Caroline is always on the move. While she has crawled on all fours several times, she prefers her own unique method of getting around - army crawling on her belly. She's actually quite fast! She also enjoys pulling up on EVERYTHING! She loves to stand to play, and has gotten really good at going from standing to sitting without falling down.

Another one of her favorite activities is emptying shelves, baskets, bins, buckets, pretty much anything that can be emptied. It looks like a tornado has gone through the playroom 90% of the time, and I've given up picking up after her because it lasts approximately 10 seconds.

She has also become very vocal lately. She squeals and yells when she thinks things are funny, and has started saying Mama and Dada. It's been really fun to watch her personality and sense of humor develop. She has a great belly laugh :o)

Unfortunately, the separation anxiety phase has started as well. Dropping her in the YMCA childcare or the church nursery has become an interesting experience. She also is quite a Daddy's girl and prefers her Daddy above anyone else! I can be right next to her, but if Brian walks away she starts crying and crawls after him.

Another challenge that has arisen this month is nap time. Caroline still sleeps great at night - most nights 11 to 12 hours. Napping, however, is not her favorite. She has been fighting her morning nap especially, crying for up to an hour and sleeping maybe 30 minutes. The past few days her nap has been closer to an hour, so maybe there's hope! Her afternoon nap is a little better, but she usually sleeps around an hour and a half. The girl likes to be involved in what's going on around her!

She now has 5 teeth, three on the bottom and two on top. She's about 29 inches long, and a little over 20 pounds. Most of the clothes she wears are 9-12 months.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Disney Vacation

We took our kids to Disney for the first time last weekend, and I don't know who had more fun - them or us! We headed up to Orlando Friday afternoon and checked into our hotel, the Coronado Springs. After settling in we went to Downtown Disney for dinner. The dinosaur restaurant was really busy, so we opted for a quick Mexican stop instead. Caroline went to town with some black beans and rice! We also bought a character autograph book, and Matthew got a stuffed Pluto from the Disney store there.

Saturday morning we ate a quick breakfast in the room and then rode the bus to the Magic Kingdom! The very first thing we saw when we walked into the park was Pluto. In the past Matthew has been afraid of characters, but I thought we should try it out and see how did. Then we'd know for the rest of our time there. Besides, Pluto is his favorite. While we were waiting in line Matthew seemed pretty excited about getting to meet Pluto. When it was finally his turn, he ran to Pluto and gave him a huge hug. Brian and I were shocked! He hugged him for a minute, then Pluto signed both his book and his stuffed Pluto. Then it was time for his picture, but instead of looking at the camera and posing Matthew just kept hugging him again! It was so precious to see him completely believing Pluto was real and loving him so much. The only downfall was my camera was acting up and wouldn't take pictures most of the time he spent with Pluto. Thankfully the Disney people got some good shots.

After our visit with Pluto we went on in the park and visiting Tomorrowland. Matthew and Brian rode the race cars together while Caroline took a nap in the stroller. Then Matthew and I went on the Buzz Lightyear ride where I learned that he is afraid of the dark and the Evil Zurg. The poor thing started crying halfway through. We decided that our next ride should be more tame, so we went on the Carousel of Progress. Then it was off to Fantasyland and a ride on the carousel. Matthew wasn't really grooving on the carousel, so I took Caroline on it. She loved it! I literally had to pull her hands off the horse when it was over. The Johnsons were also at the Magic Kingdom that day, so we met up in Fantasyland. Then we went and rode the People Mover together. By this time we were hungry and took a lunch break, with plans to meet up again later. It was getting close to naptime when we finished eating so we headed back to the hotel for a break. On our way out Matthew wanted to see Daisy so we waited in line for her. Then when it was finally our turn he changed his mind and got shy. Caroline got to meet her instead :o)

When we headed back to Disney for Round 2 we decided to stop and meet Mickey and Minnie first. The wait said it was only 20 minutes.... an hour later we finally got to meet them! Matthew gave Mickey a big hug, but was unsure of Minnie. Apparently he doesn't like the girl characters? When we came out of the theater the parade was going on, so we fought the crowds to get back to Tomorrowland. We met up with the Johnsons again, who thankfully had extra jackets for us to borrow because it was freezing! We hit up lots of rides - we rode the race cars again, went on Small World twice, did Winnie the Pooh's Adventure, and rode Snow White. Caroline fell asleep in my arms, and I ended up holding her for an hour! I thought my arms might fall off. Matthew had a great time with Leighton like always, and we ended up staying in the park until 10:30!

Sunday was freezing, so we bundled up with our borrowed jackets and headed to Animal Kingdom. None of us had been there before, since it opened after Brian and I moved away. We started out in Dinosaur World. I think Matthew was expecting there to be real dinosaurs and was a little disappointed when they weren't there. We did ride the flying dinosaurs, but we were all freezing and decided to head to the Lion King show where it was warm. Matthew kept requesting to see the animals, so when the show was over we headed to the safari ride. It was really cool driving through and seeing all the animals. Matthew was absolutely beside himself the entire time!

We had booked a character lunch at the Tusker House, and when we finished the safari it was time to head over there. Caroline LOVED the food! She ate couscous, mashed potatoes, rice, plantains, and most of it got in her mouth! We also got to meet Donald, Mickey, Daisy, and Goofy. Matthew didn't warm up to any of them except for Goofy, so apparently he just likes the dogs :o) After lunch we walked around and saw a few more animals. It was starting to get late and the munchkins were getting overtired, so we finished off the day letting Brian ride the Everest roller coaster. We had an amazing time and are excited to go back and use the last day on our ticket!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Busch Gardens

A few weeks ago we went to Busch Gardens for the day. Since we're Florida residents now, we can pay for one day and get passes for the entire year! So it was really nice to go up for a few hours with the knowledge that we could go back any time. Matthew loved, loved, loved the animals. We got to watch the lions getting fed which was really cool. They were right on the other side of the glass the entire time. Matthew thought it was funny to roar at them :o)

After looking at lots of animals, we went to the Sesame Street section of the park. Matthew wasn't quite sure about the characters, but we did manage to get a picture next to Big Bird. He also went on a car ride all by himself, and another ride with Brian. I think Brian may have enjoyed himself more than Matthew!