Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Say Cheese!

Caroline has started smiling! It's so cute to see that little grin on her face. I kept trying to get a picture of her smiling, but was unsuccessful. Then I realized that I could get it on video! So here it is... Caroline smiling.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Family Videos

I was going to put up some video of Caroline's first time in the pool, and discovered we have several other videos on our Flip that I never even watched! So, here are some recent videos for you to see as well :o)

Monday, June 6, 2011

House Update

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When we were in Florida we were able to go see our house in person! The last time we were there it was just dirt, so it was so fun to walk through something that actually looks a lot like a house! Our projected closing date is still around June 30th, so we're hoping to be able to at least move our stuff in before Scott and Catie's wedding. The builder has been going out of their way to get our house done quickly and on time, which has been great. We were their first sale in the neighborhood so I think they really want us to be happy. Works for me!

 Walking on our new street
 Stucco almost done
 The kitchen cabinets are in
 Master bedroom and sitting room
 Master bathroom - tile going in
 Our pool!
 View from the family room
 Matthew's new room
 Downstairs bathroom
 Welcome home!
 Dining room
 Formal living room
 Eat-in kitchen
 Upstairs guest bathroom
 Stairs and doorway to playroom
 Upstairs guest bedroom

Caroline is a month old!

Our little girl is a month old! It seems like she has always been here. Matthew has adjusted very well to his little sister. After overcoming some jealousy and clingyness, now he asks for her first thing every morning, gives me status reports on what she's doing during the day, and gives her "bisses" before he goes to bed at night. Caroline has been a great baby so far. She eats well, sleeps well, and is so cute! (I'm not biased at all :o) One thing that has been difficult is she does not like her carseat AT ALL! Unless she's in a dead sleep when I put her in it, she cries, actually screams would be a more accurate word, every time we go somewhere. It's better when we're moving, so I've gotten very creative at finding ways to take the highway and avoiding stopping at red lights. No, I don't run the lights, I just creep up to them as slowly as possible so I don't have to stop until the last minute. She had her one month checkup on the first, and she weighed 10lbs 10oz in the 90th percentile, and was 22 inches long in the 75th percentile. She gained almost 3 pounds in her first month! Well, she actually did gain 3 pounds from her discharge weight of 7lbs 10oz. We love our little cupcake!

Matthew's 2nd Birthday!

I cannot believe that my baby is now 2! Where has the time gone? I know every parent says that, but it is so true! We had a bit of a low-key celebration for Matthew's birthday this year. We were heading down to Florida for the weekend the next day and decided to have a small family party when we got there. On Matthew's actual birthday we gave him his train table and trains, and he played with them ALL DAY! That night we gave him the rest of his presents from friends and family and boy has he gotten the hang of that! He also has become familiar with the concept of birthday cake after Brian's birthday and was very excited about eating his cupcake. He even blew out the candle all by himself! Once we got to Florida we had a birthday dinner with Matthew's favorite food - hotdogs - and more birthday cake. Then Matthew opened his gifts from Aunt Catie and Uncle Scott, and Baba and Daideo. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of when we were in Florida because they are on my mom's camera and I don't have them on my computer. When I get them I'll try to remember to add them!