Monday, June 6, 2011

House Update

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When we were in Florida we were able to go see our house in person! The last time we were there it was just dirt, so it was so fun to walk through something that actually looks a lot like a house! Our projected closing date is still around June 30th, so we're hoping to be able to at least move our stuff in before Scott and Catie's wedding. The builder has been going out of their way to get our house done quickly and on time, which has been great. We were their first sale in the neighborhood so I think they really want us to be happy. Works for me!

 Walking on our new street
 Stucco almost done
 The kitchen cabinets are in
 Master bedroom and sitting room
 Master bathroom - tile going in
 Our pool!
 View from the family room
 Matthew's new room
 Downstairs bathroom
 Welcome home!
 Dining room
 Formal living room
 Eat-in kitchen
 Upstairs guest bathroom
 Stairs and doorway to playroom
 Upstairs guest bedroom

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