Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trip to Washington, DC

For Valentine's Day I took Brian to Washington, DC. I wanted to go while we still lived within driving distance and before the baby comes, so the timing was perfect! Even though it was freezing cold and I thought my legs were going to fall off from walking everywhere, we had a great time and were able to see everything we wanted! I hadn't been to DC since 8th grade, so it was nice to go back as an adult. Here are some pictures of the trip.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free Ultrasounds are Awesome!

Today I began my modeling career, and was an obstetrical model for students learning how to do sonograms. That meant that we got to see our baby again for free! It was at Baptist, so Brian was able to come downstairs and take some video of everything. I had one ultrasound tech overseeing everything, and then three students all practiced on me. We got to look at our baby for 45 minutes! Here are our three favorite videos from the experience. In the first one you can see the heart beating and the diaphragm jumping because he had the hiccups! The second one is a profile view and he's sucking on his hand, with his foot up by his head. The third one you can see his face and his mouth moving while he again sucks on his fingers. Apparently we will need to invest in several pacifiers!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kicks and Punches

Our little boy has been doing a lot of moving and kicking lately. It seems that every time I sit down he starts moving. It has been lots of fun watching my stomach bounce, and I find myself just staring at it hoping to catch a glimpse. I think this has been my favorite part of pregnancy so far. I can already tell that feeling him move is something I will really miss once he is born. It is just so amazing to think of the person that God is knitting together inside me, and to imagine how he looks and grows each day. I like trying to figure out where he is and what direction he's facing when I feel his movements.