Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kicks and Punches

Our little boy has been doing a lot of moving and kicking lately. It seems that every time I sit down he starts moving. It has been lots of fun watching my stomach bounce, and I find myself just staring at it hoping to catch a glimpse. I think this has been my favorite part of pregnancy so far. I can already tell that feeling him move is something I will really miss once he is born. It is just so amazing to think of the person that God is knitting together inside me, and to imagine how he looks and grows each day. I like trying to figure out where he is and what direction he's facing when I feel his movements.

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Amy D said...

Hey, Erika! Congratulations!!! I just came across your blog . . . So happy for the two of you. I remember for a couple weeks after Levi was born, I still had "phantom kicks". I never got tired of his little kicks and punches--it such a sweet bond only the two of you have. Although it is definitely so much more fun to have him there with you, I still sometimes miss those sweet moments . . . Have you picked out any names yet?