Monday, June 6, 2011

Matthew's 2nd Birthday!

I cannot believe that my baby is now 2! Where has the time gone? I know every parent says that, but it is so true! We had a bit of a low-key celebration for Matthew's birthday this year. We were heading down to Florida for the weekend the next day and decided to have a small family party when we got there. On Matthew's actual birthday we gave him his train table and trains, and he played with them ALL DAY! That night we gave him the rest of his presents from friends and family and boy has he gotten the hang of that! He also has become familiar with the concept of birthday cake after Brian's birthday and was very excited about eating his cupcake. He even blew out the candle all by himself! Once we got to Florida we had a birthday dinner with Matthew's favorite food - hotdogs - and more birthday cake. Then Matthew opened his gifts from Aunt Catie and Uncle Scott, and Baba and Daideo. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of when we were in Florida because they are on my mom's camera and I don't have them on my computer. When I get them I'll try to remember to add them!

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