Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So far in 2010

So far our new year has been off to a wonderful but incredibly busy start! Since 2010 started, we have been working hard getting our house ready to put on the market. We have cleaned, organized, given things away, put stuff in storage, painted, pressure washed, cleaned the carpets, and had our creaky floors fixed. The house has been officially on the market for a week and a half now, and I must admit that putting the for sale sign in our yard was really painful. I am so excited about moving back to Atlanta, I just wish I could take my house with me! We are still waiting on our first showing and in the meantime have to keep the house picked up and spotless at all times. While this seemed like it was going to be very difficult to do, it's actually kind of nice because I never have to spend all day Saturday cleaning anymore! Here is a photo as a tribute to our cute house!
This winter has also been one of the coldest in recent years, and has the most snowfall! While I can't compare our snow to places north of us, it's a lot for us. So far we have missed 4 student days and had several delayed openings. And then, in case I couldn't get enough snow here, we went to Atlanta last weekend and it snowed 4 inches there! Apparently I can't get away from it. Matthew seemed to enjoy himself in the snow though, and we got lots of cute pictures!

Speaking of cute pictures, while we were in Atlanta we stayed with our friends Michael and Jennifer and their son Caleb. Michael is a wonderful photographer and he took some pictures of Matthew. You'll see a couple of them below. Matthew and Caleb had a great time together, and while we were unsuccessful in getting Matthew to crawl, Caleb enjoyed bringing Matthew whatever toy we had placed just out of his reach. We are really looking forward to this summer when the boys can play together a lot more often! (And so can their mommies!)

We can't believe how much Matthew has grown in the past few months. He now has 6 teeth and is working on two more. Thankfully teething hasn't been especially terrible for him, so we are still getting to sleep all night! He has learned to feed himself both a bottle and finger foods. He especially loves bananas and we just started feeding him mandarin oranges a few days ago which he is a big fan of! Yesterday morning I went in his room to find up sitting up in his crib, and he repeated this at the end of his naps so we decided it was time to lower the crib. He has yet to crawl forward, and I feel like I am partially to blame for this since I never crawled as a child. However, he is quite good at going from all fours to sitting up and back down to his stomach again. If he could only figure out how to make his backward movements work for him he'd be much less frustrated! He is still as happy as can be though, and every time we go somewhere people comment on what a happy baby he is. We are so blessed!

8 months old!

Exploring Linville Caverns

Having fun dumping out all my toys!

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