Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Apparently I should own a Lexus

We've been back in Atlanta for 2 weeks now and are getting adjusted to city living again. Aside from the traffic, the only other major difference I've noticed is that literally EVERYONE drives some type of luxury car! That could be because we're living in Buckhead, but it's really funny to look around our parking garage and be the only Toyota and Volvo around! Even though we lived here for 4 years, the part of the city we're in now is completely different so I still don't know where anything is! Thankfully our friends haven't changed, and we've had a great time catching up. Between time at the pool, cookouts, trips to the park and aquarium, we've managed to unpack everything and get settled in our new home. While our condo is only 2 bedrooms, we feel like we have plenty of space and it's great to have a pool and workout room here as well.

Brian is loving his fellowship so far. He was able to do a surgery on the first day, and has done several since then. It's also been awesome that he can walk next door to the office. Because he's so close he's been able to come home for lunch a few times, and when he's done with work at 4:30 or 5:00 he's home 5 minutes later without having to deal with traffic!

I'm adjusting to life as a stay-at-home mom. I've been trying to keep myself busy by taking Matthew on an outing every day, but some days I feel a little stir crazy. I'm hoping to connect with some other SAHMs soon so I have someone to talk to besides a 13-month-old!

It has been so much fun to watch Matthew learn new things every day. He is now walking more than he crawls, and is so pleased with himself when he reaches his destination without falling! I've started to let him feed himself with a spoon, which is always entertaining and also quite messy. By far his favorite thing to do is climb on, play with, and throw the ball for Cajun. He gets a ball in his hand and literally starts shrieking with excitement. Sometimes he gets so excited that he can't even throw the ball and just falls over! We have also been losing a lot of things lately, because one of his other favorite things to do is take objects and put them inside things. This week I found the remote in the basket of hand weights, a tootbrush in the dresser drawer, his plastic coins in the remote holder, and one of Cajun's balls in the toilet! There are about 4 pacifiers missing too, and I don't even know where to begin looking for them!

Here are some pictures from our recent adventures
Fun at a nearby park
Enjoying some yogurt
Looking at the whales at the Georgia Aquarium
Celebrating our 7th anniversary with a picnic on the Chattahoochee
Matthew helping us unpack
Matthew's first haircut!

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