Monday, May 7, 2012

Caroline is One!

It's true - our precious little 7 pound 14 ounce baby is now three times her size and a giggling, moving, independent one-year-old! Caroline, we have watched you grow in so many ways this year - and far too fast in my opinion!

Even though you can't talk yet, you are already very inquisitive. You point at things and say "Si Sis" which is your way of saying "What's this?" You like to do mini science experiments just to see what will happen. You also love looking inside things to see what treasures you can find. It's really funny to watch you poke your head around a corner or stand on your tiptoes to peer inside a drawer that's just out of reach. You like to strike out on adventures around the house, crawling and exploring anything and everything. We have to keep all the doors closed and try to contain you in one room if we can!

You are such a happy baby. It's a rare occasion when you cry, and it's usually a legitimate reason. You have the most precious smile, with your noise crinkled up and your 7 little teeth showing. I've loved watching your personality and sense of humor develop. You enjoy making us laugh, and then laughing yourself. A game of peekaboo or tickling always get a belly laugh from you!

Things you love:

~ Your Brother - Wherever Matthew is you are not far behind. You love to crawl with him and chase him all around the house. You even try to be with him while he's sleeping and I have to grab you out of his room before you wake him up!

~ Climbing - You don't walk yet, but you have figured out how to climb on top of all sorts of things! Your favorite thing to climb on is Matthew's bed. The two of you climb up there and play together, laughing and giggling (until one of you ends up accidentally hurting the other). One day I found you on top of the desk in the playroom - twice! You also enjoy climbing up on the bathroom stool and laughing at yourself in the mirror.

~ Food - When you were 9 months old you decided that you wanted to eat real food, and you never looked back! We have yet to find something that you refuse to try. Your eating skills are not quite accomplished yet, and most meals you end up with food all over your face, behind your ears, and in your hair. It's really funny to watch you shove fistfuls of shredded cheese in your mouth, then chew with several strands hanging off your lips. We just got you to give up your bottles, but you were not very happy about the transition.

~ Your Daddy - If your daddy is home, you are not far from his side. Your face lights up when he comes home from work and you immediately crawl as fast as you can to the door. If he leaves the room - watch out! It doesn't matter if I'm sitting right next to you, you are not happy if he walks away.

~ Music - Anytime you hear any type of music you immediately start dancing. If you're standing up you bend your knees and bounce up and down, and if you're sitting you wave your arms around. Singing soothes you when you're sleepy or upset, and is the only way we can get you to stay still during a diaper change!

Your stats:
~ Weight 21 pounds, 54th percentile
~ Height 30 inches, 94th percentile
~ One nap in the afternoon
~ Bedtime between 7:00 and 7:30
~ Wake up between 7:30 and 8:00
~ Eat three meals and two snacks

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