Sunday, May 5, 2013

Caroline Turns 2

I can't believe that you are already 2 sweet girl! I honestly feel like you've already been two for a while, because you have developed such a little personality and are so verbal. But it's still hard to think of you as a two-year-old! Here's a snapshot of you at 2:

You love animals, especially dogs. When we go to the dog park you love petting all the big dogs and giving them hugs. You're not such a fan of the small dogs though. We always look for chomp chomps, turtles, and birds when we drive through our neighborhood and you get so excited when we see one. I hear "I found it!" or "I see it!" coming from the back seat.

I love how you are so generous and loving. Any time Matthew asks you to share something with him, you immediately hand it over. If he's sad, you bring him a toy to cheer him up. And sometimes you just deliver things to people that you find around the house. A few times I've cringed watching you carry a full glass of tea or water to me!

Your favorite things to play with are your dolls and stuffed animals. You love to push them in the stroller, cover them with a blanket (including their face), give them bottles, rock them (you say "rock minute" which is what you say to us when you want to be rocked before bed time), and carry them all over the house. You also enjoy moving things between containers or putting things in boxes. One of your favorite games (that I do not really enjoy) is to dump out the box of crayons all over the floor, declare it a mess, then put them all back in. You'll do it a few times in a row, but always seem to get tired of the game while half the crayons are still on the floor. Another favorite game is chase. You absolutely love it when Daddy or Matthew chase you around the house. It's hilarious to watch you run with your right arm pumping and looking over your shoulder to see how close your pursuer is getting. I'm amazed you don't run into more walls!

You are definitely a talker. I am impressed by how many words you know, and how you already talk in pretty complete sentences. Some of your favorite phrases are:
What's that sound?
Watch me!
Look at me!
Hold on...
Awww, so cute. Cute (fill in animal name here.)
Help you
Rock a minute
You also like to repeat the last few words on each page of books, and you repeat a lot of what we say too! I definitely have to watch what I say :o)

At 22 months you potty-trained  yourself. Seriously, I did nothing. You just started telling me you had to potty and would go in the bathroom with Matthew and go. In fact, you don't even like me to come in there with you. You'll tell me "away" if I'm in there, and then will bring out the roll of toilet paper when you're done for help.

Another of your favorite things to do is help Mommy around the house. You love to do laundry. If I try to put clothes in the washer or dryer without you you get upset. And you also like to help me fold the clean clothes, but all you really do is take things out of the basket and pat them down in a big pile. I try to fold the clothes when you're asleep so I can actually finish :o) You're good at putting the silverware away, helping me dust, and putting away toys.

You have been so much fun this year, and I can't wait to see what the next year holds! You are my cuddly, tough, independent, hilarious, talkative, compassionate, smart, joyful 2-year-old!


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