Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Adoption Day! - Tuesday, November 26th

The past 24 hours we have been Lily's guardians. Today, according to Chinese law, we became her parents! Here's what went down:

Little Miss Lily slept until almost 8:00 today! Her nanny said that she normally woke up at 7:45, and she was right! We got everyone dressed and went down to breakfast. We had to meet in the lobby at 9:30 to go back to the Civil Affairs Office, so we were a little more rushed than normal. We fed Lily some traditional Chinese food for breakfast and she once again scarfed it down! The girl can eat for sure!

Having my mom on this trip has been such a blessing, because after breakfast she and the kids stayed at the hotel while Brian, Lily and I went back to the CAO. They had a blast playing on the playground, checking out the fish, and playing cars until we got back.

Lily was pretty good about letting Brian hold her this morning and didn't cry when I left the room. She did get a little fussy when we got on the bus, and then quickly fell asleep in my arms. I was glad she did, because I wasn't sure what memories might get stirred up returning to the same room as yesterday. It was of course super warm in there again, but this time there was less crying and chaos. We were able to chat more with some of the families in our group and get to know them better while we waited, and waited, and waited. Of course the first thing they wanted to do was take our picture. And if you remember, Lily was sleeping. I was envisioning what an awesome experience this was going to be. When it was our turn one of the guides started tapping her and yelling things to her in Chinese. Exactly how I like to be woken up, someone shaking me and yelling at me! Then they wanted me to sit her up in this chair, while screaming and throwing herself backward. Brilliant. After a few unsuccessful attempts at a photo (shocker!) they let me hold her and had us stand up for the picture. This was followed by more waiting. Finally it was our turn to be interviewed by the adoption official. She asked us a few questions, we replied correctly apparently since she let us keep Lily, we presented her with a gift, and then part 1 was finished. I'm thinking this is a pretty sweet deal they have going on here. You ask people questions for 2 minutes and then receive a gift. This lady racked up like 12 gifts while we were there! Then we went upstairs for part 2, which of course included more waiting! We had fun playing with Lily during this time. She thought it was a great game to put puffs in and out of her snack cup, and then discovered that if she turned it upside down and shook it all the puff dust would come out. I was completely covered and she thought it was hilarious! Big smiles! We practiced her walking again too. She walked to me and gave me another big smile :) Finally it was our turn. This rather eccentric notary official asked us more questions, and we again apparently answered correctly. It seems like answering questions about yourself would be easy, but not when they are asked with a Chinese accent and you want to make sure that you are not answering yes to something like "Will you abuse this child" which kind of sounds like "Do you choose this child". Thankfully Brian answered that one while I was still trying to figure out what he said. That was it! We are now officially Lily's parents!

We returned to the hotel at 12:30 and ate another quick PBJ lunch since everyone was hungry. Lily was so hungry that she literally stuck her face in her plate and started eating! She ended up with jelly all over her forehead. Hilarious! After lunch the kids and Lily had a great time playing together and we really started to see her smile and hear her start to talk. Every time she sees Caroline or Matthew she reaches toward them and makes a sound. Her favorite game was handing cars back and forth to them. She "talks" to them, smiles, and waves the cars all around. Then we went in the bedroom to read stories to get ready for nap time, and instead that had a blast playing on the bed. Even though it's tough bringing little kids to China, watching them play was the reason we brought them. We are able to bond as a family from the beginning. What a blessing.

Things are going really well here and we couldn't be more thankful, but it's still hard! Lily pretty  much only lets me hold her, feed her, etc. I'm so excited that she's attaching to me (maybe out of fear but I'll take it!) but it is hard on Matthew and Caroline. I want to be there for them too during this transition and feel like a lot of the time I can't. I'm also pretty tired, as I am having trouble sleeping at night but am tired all day, and I pretty much don't get a break. Please pray for my energy and patience as we adjust to 3 kids! Also please pray that Lily would start being more trusting of Brian. He is being so patient and knows the relationship will come, but I also know that he wants to be able to help out and share that bond with her too. And finally pray for Matthew and Caroline. They are doing amazingly well and we are so so so proud of them. Please pray that they will continue to adjust to having a new little sister and that they don't feel left out or neglected by their mommy. Again, so thankful my mom is here to make them feel special and give them extra love!

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