Monday, February 17, 2014

"Big Girl" Syndrome

The past few weeks Caroline has really been into being a "big girl." I don't know if it was the new big girl bed that we got her or the fact that she sees Lily as little, but she is obsessed! In fact, she is so concerned about being a big girl that she cried at school last week because she wanted to go to the big girl (3 year old) class. No, she's not 3 yet, but she apparently thinks she is since she recently told me that she's almost 4. What?! Slow down little girl! Thankfully our preschool is wonderful and let her go up to the 3's class. She of course loves it! Here are some recent pictures of our sweet "big girl".

 Borrowing Matthew's rain boots

We match! Yes, I did bribe her so she would get dressed. She's very picky about her clothes and only wants to wear the same 4 t-shirts. Desperate times people!

 I'm a princess girl!
 Last night in her crib! I don't know how she fit in there with all that stuff.
 So excited about her new bed! She has to line up all of her animals every night before she goes to sleep.
She loves running super fast!

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