Thursday, May 1, 2014

Disney Part 2

Ready for day 2 in the Magic Kingdom! Since we spent the first day in Fantasyland, we decided to spend our time in Frontierland. Of course Pluto was at the front of the park again, and Caroline wanted to see him. Since the line was pretty short we waited, but Matthew wanted to ride the Barnstormer again so he and Brian did that. I think they rode it three times in a row!

We met up with the boys and had to squeeze in a few more Dumbo rides before heading to Frontierland. Matthew and I had fast passes for Thunder Mountain. He was excited because it was a train roller coaster, but that quickly faded when the first section of the ride was dark wand had bats. He spent a lot of it with his head buried. I hoped he had a little fun, but when we got off he said that he never wanted to do that again. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Brian took the girls on Aladdin's magic carpets and that went much better. To get out of the heat we visited the tiki hut next. Caroline definitely thought the birds were real and kept asking why they were singing and talking. The next part of our day was spent on Tom Sawyer's island. The kids loved it! There were all sorts of forts and trails around the island and they ran all over. Matthew loved the rifles that you could pretend to shoot out of the fort. They weren't happy when it was time to take the riverboat back, but we had a fast pass deadline to meet!

Our second fast pass of the day was for the Jungle Cruise. Definitely a good call using a fast pass, the standby line was super long! Caroline's favorite part was the scene where the gorillas knocked over a car and were ransacking a campsite. She talked about it the rest of the day! Both kids really enjoyed it, and Brian and I enjoyed the humor of our boat captain. We had a few snacks on the boat, but the hungry monsters needed some lunch. We thought Mexican would be a good choice for a quick lunch that the kids would like. Well, they liked it, but for some reason the man working behind the counter had a lot of trouble figuring out everyone's order. I saw our food sitting back there, and tried to tell him that was ours but it did not compute. Finally someone else came to help and I rescued our food.

The kids had also been talking about riding the train since we saw it when we arrived yesterday morning, so we took it to the front of the park for our final fast pass appointment. They all loved the train, of course! When we came to Disney a few years ago we saw Mickey and Minnie at the theater. We assumed that would be the same this time around, but it wasn't! This time it was only Mickey, and he talked to us! Caroline was completely in awe of him. He asked her some questions and she nodded her answer. He asked her to take a picture with him, and it was the first time she actually posed with a character. It was so cute to watch her face! When we walked into the theater to see Mickey, Caroline had noticed a cat (Marie from the Aristocats) standing near Pluto and wanted to hug her. We decided to wait in one last line and let her hug the kitty. She walked right up to her, gave her the autograph book, and gave her a huge hug and smile. She loves animals!

We were about ready to head home, but the parade was going to start in 10 minutes so we thought we'd stay for that. Such a good decision! Every single princess and character was in the parade. Caroline would point and say "there's ______" and wave furiously with every float that passed by. Lily really got in on the waving too! When the parade ended we scooted out of there quickly  before the crowds and headed home.

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