Friday, August 15, 2014

Trip to El Salvador

This post is way overdue, but I wanted to share a little about the amazing trip I took to El Salvador at the end of July. I actually shared my testimony at church Sunday when we returned, so in an effort not to repeat myself I will just link the video below. We did one of our ministry dances first, then my testimony is next.

El Salvador

They aren't in chronological order, but here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip!

This girl attended a school that Castillo del Rey hadn't been able to enter in their 19 years in ministry. We were the first team allowed in.

Bubble blowing on the streets

The first day of ministry I was one of the clowns. I think I had a little too much fun.

Our team ready to leave on the first day

These girls were not quite sure what to make of me

About to trapeze into a volcano lake!

Hanging out during one of our many gas station bathroom breaks

Missy and I slept out in the lobby one night to keep cool

Some sweet girls!

We spent our free day at the beach and I had some great naptime in this hammock!

My view from the hammock


Brando was one of our Master's Commission students. He was amazing! 

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