Tuesday, May 5, 2015

David is 4!

Right now on the other side of the world it is already tomorrow (May 6th) and our youngest son is celebrating his 4th birthday! It hurts my heart that we can't be with him to celebrate how special he is and how thankful we are that he was born 4 years ago today. And it absolutely kills me to look at my other newly-turned-four-year-old and know how many things I have experienced with her in these four years that I will never get back with David. But I know that we will be able to celebrate him soon, and every birthday from here on out. Like we did with Lily, we had a cake sent to David on his birthday. It's up to his orphanage to tell him when he has a family, so we have no idea if he knows why he has a cake or who it's from, but one day he'll know. We will show him the pictures! We won't ever have many pictures or videos from his life in the orphanage, so each one is precious and treasured. And to have video is even more rare! What a gift! Here's our little guy on his 4th birthday!

In case you are wondering, yes he is most definitely wearing girls' pants, yes he did recently get a haircut, yes he is making another attempt at a peace sign, and yes apparently he's a musician! And also, I am seriously loving the birthday crown! He and Caroline can wear theirs together next year!

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