Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gelato is Delicious

Florence has more of the masterpieces than any other city, and I think we saw every single one! We are very tired but also very content after a delicious homemade italian meal. After updating the blog we'll be finding some dessert and then probably going to listen to one of the street musicians in the Vecchio square. (This is Erika now.) As much fun as Florence has been during the day, I think the night is my favorite. Last night we watched the sunset over the mountains from the Ponte Vecchio bridge while listening to a guitarist, and then walked over to another square for some more street music. It is definitely a different atmosphere here than in London. We are taking more time to relax, moving at a slower pace, and sampling lots of gelato along the way :o) Tomorrow we head to Rome, and I am sad that it will be our last city. We will be in touch when we arrive, and look forward to talking with you soon!

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