Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Matthew at 16 months

It is amazing to watch how much Matthew learns and grows each day. Just this evening we were playing with some cards that have different animals on them, and we were practicing making the animal sounds. He was able to quickly mimic the sounds, and then whenever he saw the picture of the animal he made the sound. Then we decided to see if he could pick out the correct animal from a group of cards, and he could! Anyway, I decided to write a post about all the things he is currently doing, because I'm sure in a few years or even months I may not remember.

Right now Matthew is:
  • running all over the place
  • walking backwards
  • trying to jump by crouching down and walking
  • pointing at everything
  • doing his "more" hand signal (right hand grabbing left wrist, arm, or shoulder depending on how urgent the need) to mean more, please, help me, I want that, etc.
  • doing his "all done" hand signal (hand on his head) to mean all done, stop, get me out of here, I don't like this anymore, etc.
  • suffering from separation anxiety when we leave him in any type of childcare setting
  • spitting milk (a habit we are working to break)
  • making animal sounds (quack - cack, meow - noow, woof woof - foo foo, moo - moo)
  • pointing at cars and saying "vroom vroom" whenever he sees one
  • points to eyes and says "eye"
  • points to nose and says "nose"
  • drinking out of a regular cup with assistance
  • waving goodbye
  • clapping
  • blowing kisses
Right now Matthew says:
  • keys
  • milk - "mil"
  • shoes - "soosh"
  • cracker - "cacka"
  • eye
  • nose - "no"
  • mouth - "mouw"
  • ball - "bawl"
  • bottle - "bobble"
  • bubble
  • book - "boo"
  • dada
  • mama
  • cajun - "caja"
  • car
  • banana - "nana"
  • moon
Needless to say, we love our little man and are so thankful for him!

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