Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nesting with No Nursery... Part 1

Since I have no nursery to decorate, I've been making things for our baby's future nursery and for Matthew as well. Last week I made this super cute hair bow holder! I also thought it would be fun to include a step by step for how I did it, in case any of you other creative people out there want to make your own.

I was originally planning on buying a cheap, open frame for this project (since you paint it anyway) but I stumbled upon this 12"x18" shadow box in the "As Is" section at Michaels one day and thought it would be perfect! I think it was in there because the glass had broken and was gone, but I didn't need the glass anyway. It only cost me $6.00! It's hard to tell in the picture, but the frame stands out about 3 inches from the back, and the background was made as a pegboard or corkboard covered in fabric.

The first thing I did was remove the back from the frame and paint the frame brown to match my fabric. Ideally I would have used spray paint, but since I have no garage or driveway, I just used regular acrylic paint. You could use leftover paint you have in your garage as well.

While the frame was drying I made the inside. I laid the frame insert on top of a piece of corkboard and used box cutters to cut out a section that was the exact same size. Since it has to fit in the frame, it is very important that it's exactly the same size. (I forgot to take a picture of that step!) Since the shadow box I bought was already made out of corkboard, I only used one thin piece. If you are using an open frame or a regular frame, you will want to cut two pieces of corkboard and hot glue them together to make it thicker.

Then I laid out my fabric, put the piece of corkboard on top of it, and cut out a section of fabric that was three inches wider on each side. To cover the corkboard I folded the fabric over the edges and secured it with pins. It is very important to pull the fabric tight and make sure the pattern is straight on the other side, so the pins give you a little flexibility if you need to make adjustments.

To permanently fasten the fabric you can use either a staple gun or (if you're like me and don't own a staple gun) hot glue. Just make sure that the fabric stays pulled tight while you glue. Once the fabric was in place, I put the newly covered corkboard and the original frame backing back into the frame!

This is now a cute decorative pegboard that you could really use for anything. I decided to make mine into a hair bow holder, so here's what I did next! I had been looking for some cute, coordinating pins to use but hadn't found anything that thrilled me. Then I realized I can make my own! I had some old, flat tacks in a drawer that I used as a base. Then I went through my crafting supplies and found some things that I could glue to them. I made two bows, a flower, and two jeweled pins.

To actually hang the hair bows in the frame, I used three strips of ribbon that the bows can be clipped to. Right now I just have three ribbons, but as I accumulate more bows I can add, change, and move the ribbons around as needed. That's the beauty of the corkboard! I didn't need to two pins with bows yet, so I just used them as a decoration in the corner for now.

Clip on your hair bows, and voila! Cute hair bow holder! Unfortunately mine is now sitting in a closet until we move and I can hang it in the baby's nursery. One other thing I am planning to add is her first initial either in the bottom corner where the bows are or at the top in the center. Since she doesn't have a name (and won't until she's born) this will have to wait a bit.

All in all this project cost me $8.00 for the frame and corkboard. The rest of the supplies I already had at home. I hope you enjoyed my post, and maybe I've inspired you to make something as well! If so, leave a comment and link below so I can see your cute ideas!

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