Monday, October 3, 2011

Today's Pinspiration Project

Like much of the crafting world, I am slightly obsessed with Pinterest! It is such a great way to get ideas for decorating, crafts, recipes, really anything. The only downside is that my crafting to-do list has grown exponentially! I actually have made several things based on my Pinterest boards, so I thought I'd start to share them on here.

This weekend I started decorating for Halloween, and realized that I need some new kid-friendly yet still sophisticated decorations. So, I turned to Pinterest! I saw these candy corn cones and knew I had a winner. I went to Michaels to buy my supplies and made them today during nap time!

I didn't really plan to do a tutorial so I didn't take pictures as I crafted, but they're easy enough that you can just follow the written steps. Here's what you'll need:

  • 3 cones of different sizes (I used two paper mache cones and one styrofoam. The paper mache ones were the cheapest, but there were only two sizes so I had to get a larger styrofoam one.)
  • One package each of yellow, orange, and white yarn (my store had small packages and that was enough to make all three)
  • Clear tacky glue
  • Scissors
Now to get started! Me being a planner, I took a pen and put a mark dividing the cone into where I wanted the three colors to meet.

I found it easiest to start at the bottom of the cones with yellow yarn. The first cone I made I just started wrapping the yarn, but found that it kept getting bunched up and sliding. Then I got smart and decided to use a little glue.

I glued the end of the yarn at the bottom of the cone and put some glue going up and down along the yellow section. You don't need a lot of glue, just enough to help the yarn stay in place as you wrap. I made squiggles going up and down so that each time I wrapped the yarn around the cone it would touch the glue in several places.

Then I wrapped the yarn with no gaps to make a single layer covering the base of the cone. Once I reached my mark for yellow, I went back in the other direction but this time I didn't worry about lining it up with no gaps. I just wrapped and wrapped until I liked how it looked. Then I put another small dot of glue to hold the end down and tucked it under.

I repeated the same steps with the orange and white sections - glue, wrap a single layer, then wrap however you want, glue the end down.

Easy, right! Now you have some inexpensive yet still sophisticated Halloween decorations that are also kid-friendly (not breakable and not easily damaged :op) I am thinking of a similar project for Christmas, can you guess what it might be?

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