Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our October

We have had a very fun but very busy month! We started October with a trip to the farm with our playgroup. Matthew absolutely loved seeing all the farm animals and feeding the goats. He wasn't such a big fan of the hayride though.

In the middle of the month Brian had to take his oral boards in Boston. We decided that it would be fun to tag along and visit some of my family that was up there. My parents had been wanting to visit also, so they came too! It was Caroline's first plane ride, and Matthew's first plane ride with his own seat. Thankfully they were both very good, but it definitely helped having two extra sets of hands on the flight! Once we got there we went to the Gertz's and spent the next day in Rhode Island. Caroline got to meet her Great Grammy for the first time! Brian headed up to Boston that evening for his test. The next morning we drove to Massachussets and got to see several aunts, uncles, and cousins. Caroline got to meet her Great Grandpa for the first time there, and see her Great Grandma again. Brian joined us again that evening for family time. The next day we visited an apple farm with all sorts of fall activities before heading back to Rhode Island, and our flights home.
 Me and Grammy!
 Our flight to Providence
 Matthew loves his cousin Sofia!
 Caroline and the tractor at the apple farm!
 The Great Pumpkin
 Four generations!
Family photo at the farm

As if we didn't have enough pumpkin fun on our trip, we went to pumpkin festival at Hunsader Farms. Scott and Catie were there too, and we had fun checking out the craft booths, watching shows, and eating deliciously unhealthy food. I tried fried oreos for the first time!

Toward the end of the month we had a few birthdays to celebrate! We celebrated Scott's birthday with a family dinner, and then celebrated mine early a few days later. I think Matthew now believes birthday cake is served on a daily basis.

 My and my little brother :o)
 Our little munchkin!
 Helping Uncle Scott put the candles on my cake
I love birthday cake!

Caroline also turned 6 months old! She is such a joy and at a great stage. She sleeps and eats well, smiles all the time, and creeps and rolls all over the place. She has also started eating baby food several times a day. Quite unlike her brother, she loves all the vegetables but is unsure about the fruits. Another fun trick she enjoys doing is blowing raspberries. She does this all the time, especially while I'm feeding her! When she went to her well check-up she weighed a little over 17 pounds and was 28 inches long. She is in the 99th percentile for height!!!
6 months old!

To end the month, of course we had Halloween! Caroline was a strawberry, and Matthew was supposed to be Wilson from the show Chuggington. Unfortunately he wouldn't put his costume on, and didn't even really want to be close to it! I think he thought that it would come alive like the tv show and was kind of freaked out by it. So we went with plan B. His Batman t-shirt (thanks Scott and Catie!) some black sweat pants and the cape from Cajun's Batdog Halloween costume. Whatever works, I tell you! He still looked adorable and was definitely a big fan of trick-or-treating. This was the first year he could really start to understand what was going on and it was really fun to watch him. I was pleasantly surprised by our neighborhood. I didn't really know what to expect since it's so new, but there were a bunch of houses in one of the other sections that were participating. We probably hit about 20 houses in 45 minutes. Apparently that was more than enough for Matthew, because when we got home he said that he needed to sit down and told us his pumpkin was heavy.

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