Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ordinary Mercy

Something that God has really put on my heart lately is the fact that there are children all over the world without parents. I look into the faces of my sweet babies, and can't imagine that there are so many adorable faces who don't have anyone to look back at them. I'm not ok with this, and I need to do something to help. Hosea 14:3 says "In you the orphan finds mercy." How can I, an ordinary stay-at-home mom in Florida, make a difference? How can I show mercy?

A few months ago two things happened. First, I decided to start donating all the money that I made from my crafting business to an orphanage. I have no idea how this thought came about, so it must have been from God. Then, my cousin Shannon was getting married, and asked me if I would make a bar sign for her wedding. So I did, and decided to post it on Etsy* as well. All of a sudden, sales took off! And not only has the bar sign been selling, people have been asking me to create all sorts of other signs as well. In the past few months I have found my bar sign featured on several wedding websites, discovered it pinned and repinned on Pinterest, and was recently contacted by a wedding subscription site about setting up an event and being featured there. I am completely amazed at how much God has blessed this small contribution of mine. It makes no sense to me, and to be honest there have been several times where I wanted to just stop. (There are lots of crazy brides out there!) But then I remember those faces, the faces of the fatherless, and I know that my small sacrifice is more than worth it. In fact, it's not even close to enough. But God has been faithful. He has met me where I am and allowed this ordinary, stay-at-home mom, to make a small difference.

This past month when I was crunching numbers and preparing to make my monthly donation to the New Day Foster Home**, I realized that I had more than doubled any profits from any of the past three months. And when adding all 4 months together, I passed the $1,000 mark. Seriously?! $1,000 in four months for spending some time on the computer? Wow. God is good.

*My Etsy store is cupcakesnjellybeans if you have any interest in checking it out. I also have my own website, Cupcakes and Jellybeans

**The New Day Foster Home is located in Beijing, China and cares for children with medical needs. They raise money for their surgeries, as well as for basic supplies and care. For more information on this ministry, visit

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