Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mote Aquarium

Two weekends ago we took the kids to the Mote Aquarium with our friends. Matthew loved running around with his friend Cora and looking in all the different tanks. They kept finding things to point out to each other and running from tank to tank giggling and talking. I think Caroline was trying to catch the fish. As soon as one would swim by in front of her she'd reach out her hand toward the tank and try to grab it while yelling "Ahh!" Last time we took her she was only 8 months old, so it was fun to watch her get excited and be so interested in everything.

Caroline loved the sea turtles. They were right at her level, and it was almost like they were trying to talk to each other. I'm pretty sure that Matthew's favorite exhibit was the manatees. There were two manatees in the tank and one of them kept swimming directly into the glass and squishing its nose on it. The kids squealed with laughter every time and I think the manatee enjoyed entertaining them!

After the aquarium we hit up a smoothie shop for lunch. We let Matthew and Cora sit at their own table, which they thought was amazing. We joked that they were on their first supervised date. Matthew even shared one of his cookies with Cora! Jack and Caroline had their own smoothie date in the wagon where Jack practiced his putting on his moves. So thankful for good friends!

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