Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sous Chef

Making dinner is not one of my strong points. I either forget to defrost something, try to cook during the "witching hour" when both kids are bordering on meltdown until Brian comes home, or I just plain forget about cooking until it's about time to eat and then I don't have enough time to make anything! The crock pot had been my saving grace, but lately we have been eating less meat and more veggies, so that wasn't really working anymore either. Then this past week I had a revelation. I can be my own sous chef! If I do all the chopping, prepping, and organizing while the kids are napping, then making dinner becomes a lot more doable at 5:30. Even if Brian isn't home yet, I can throw everything in the oven or the skillet and have dinner ready on time while still paying attention to my kids. Yesterday I peeled, chopped and roasted butternut squash and cooked some brown rice at 2:00. Then at 5:30 I chopped and onion and red pepper, threw everything in the skillet, and enjoyed some delicious butternut squash and black bean burritos. Success!

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