Monday, April 22, 2013

Fish Pond

My kids were sick this week, so that meant a lot of time hanging around our house. On Wednesday I was a little tired of being cooped up, so we took a walk around the neighborhood to look for alligators and turtles. Instead we discovered that there are lots of fish in the pond by the gazebo right down the street. The kids were so excited about the fish that we ended up spending a good chunk of time there. Matthew jumped up and down on the benches in the gazebo to get all different viewpoints of the fish, and of course Caroline followed his every move. They talked to the fish, asked them how they were doing, and pointed out that they were eating the grass all over the bottom of the pond. Then four really big fish swam over, and they were beside themselves! Matthew said they were the mommy and daddy fishies. Caroline kept yelling BIIIIIG fishies and pointing at them. The big fish floated around for a bit, and much to the kids' dismay swam away. But, soon some ducks made their way over. I guess since they were above the water Matthew thought it was a good idea to have a conversation with them. It went something like this: "Hi ducks! How are you doing ducks? (pause) Are you doing good? Ducks, how are you? Mommy, why aren't the ducks answering me?" Caroline also chimed with similar questions. I responded by explaining that ducks don't say words like we do. Then he started quacking at them. I think this may have freaked the ducks out, because they quickly swam away. I got a little video footage of our time there.

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