Monday, June 9, 2014

6 months of love

What does 6 months look like?

It looks like 12 visits to four different doctors. Five visits to the hospital. Three major surgeries.

It looks like five pounds and two inches. Growing two sizes in clothes. A few more inches of hair.

It looks like trips to the playground. A vacation to Disney World. Music and movement classes.

It looks like hugs and kisses. Giggles and squeals. Tears and tantrums.

It looks like a baby growing into a toddler. A child learning to love her siblings. An orphan becoming a daughter.

It looks like the gospel.

6 months ago there was a baby who had no idea we were coming for her. She had no idea what it meant to have a family or to know the love of a mom and dad. She didn't know what she was missing. She did nothing special to deserve a family's love, and there is nothing she can do to lose it.

We love you Lily!


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Lauren Eggert said...

this post made my cry. i'm so thrilled for your family. Lily is a lucky little girl to have such an amazing family- and you are blessed the Lord brought her to you.