Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Matthew!

Well buddy, it finally happened. You turned 5! I told you and told that you weren't allowed to get any older or grow any bigger, and you did it anyway. Every time I tell you that I don't want you to turn 5 and I want you to stay little forever, you tell me that even when you're big you'll still love me and you'll still want to snuggle with me. I love how sweet you are. You have such a loving and sensitive heart. You will often tell me that you're worried about something and I can see that your little mind is always thinking about things that are often bigger than you are. You are also a great problem solver. A lot of times you say "I have a great idea" and then tell me how you are going to do something. Usually there is lots of detail involved in your explanation, which I love. I can already tell that you are going to be a lot like me! Sorry about that ;o) You are a perfectionist, very detail-oriented, and a slight control-freak. While these characteristics may not sound like the best, I see them as some of your strongest attributes. And since I share them, I hope to teach you how to use them to your advantage as you grow up.

It has been so amazing watching you grow in your relationship with your sisters this year. I know it must be hard to have two little sisters at your heels, but you have definitely grown to be best buddies. You and Caroline love playing puppies together where you both pretend to be puppies and bark and chase each other around. Your new favorite game is to play baby. I think you like this one because one of you pretends that you need a diaper change and you get to say words like "stinky" and "disgusting". You love to teach Lily how to do things, and it's so cute to watch you get excited when she finally learns it. You have done a really great job of playing with her even though I know you don't like your toys to be messed up. When I told to keep your door closed when you have something set up that really helped, and you even told me that you like your new little sister now ;o)

You still love anything with wheels. Trains, cars, planes, trucks, even skateboards. Speaking of wheels, we got you your first real bike for your 5th birthday and you learned how to ride it in 10 minutes! Now you are whizzing all over the place, and ask to ride your bike all the time. You are usually pretty cautious, so Daddy and I were so proud of you for being brave and trying it right away with no training wheels. Now you are proud of yourself too. I know because you told me :o)

This year you went to school five mornings a week. I was a little nervous when the school year started because you didn't really like school last year. Thankfully this year was great! You loved your teacher Ms. Lynda and made some really sweet friends. I am impressed with everything you learned too. In fact, I'm still discovering things you already know! I'll try to teach you something and you quickly let me know that you already know that from school. In addition to learning lots of things, your work ethic and fine motor skills have greatly improved. You will sit and work on something for a long time until you think it's right. Sometimes I have to remind you that only God is perfect so it's ok if your coloring goes a little outside the lines or if your circle isn't perfectly round. You've also become quite the artist. You enjoy drawing cars, trucks, buses, trains, houses, rainbows, and flowers.

One of my favorite times of the day is when we get to snuggle together in your bed. You are still pretty much a mommy's boy, although you have recently realized how much fun it is to do "boy stuff" with Daddy. When we snuggle I get to hear about your day, pray with you, and rub your back while you very sweetly rub mine. You always ask for one more hug and one more kiss when I leave, which I love. There are so many things that I love about you and I am so proud of the big boy you are becoming. Happy birthday little buddy!

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