Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Girl Update

We are about halfway through the pregnancy right now. I had to go to the doctor twice today - once for my normal 20 week checkup, and then our followup ultrasound with the perinatal specialist. I am happy to report that our baby girl looks healthy! My favorite view of the day was when we could see her hand with her fingers outstretched, like she was giving us a high five. She is measuring a little larger than her actual gestational age, which is pretty much par for the course considering Matthew was a big baby. We are very excited to be welcoming this little girl into the world in 4 short months! As for her name, we have it narrowed down to four names but aren't sure if we're actually going to name her before she's born or not.


Kelly said...

So glad to hear things went well. Y'all have been in our thoughts and I can understand your worries and fears as we had a scare around 19 weeks as well, but how amazing is it to see people's (and your) prayers answered and see a perfectly normal baby on the screen!

Ryan R said...

I'm really hoping you name her Jodie :)

We didn't stick with Gwendolyn until an hour or two AFTER she was born. Had to see her first to be certain.

Brian and Erika said...

Ryan, while we have greatly contemplated the name Jodie, we wouldn't want our daughter and her accomplishments to overshadow the great actress who has done so much in her career ;o)