Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Little Gym Show

Today was Matthew's last gymnastics class of the semester at the Little Gym. This was their "show" week to share with all the families what they have learned, and at the end they had an awards ceremony. Matthew absolutely loves gymnastics, and I'm not sure what we're going to do for the next few weeks until it starts up again in January. Here are some videos of him playing today. Unfortunately I didn't get any of him doing forward or backward rolls because I had to spot him and couldn't video at the same time. You will notice that he is having a great time until it's time for him to get his award. This is because I spent the previous 10 minutes preventing him from climbing up on the "throne" while other kids were getting their awards, and then when it was his turn he was upset because I wouldn't let him take the camera up there with him!

Matthew and his friend Sam

Doing chinups on the bar

Matthew LOVES the balance beam and Miss Kelly!

There's a low beam behind the mats that he walks back and forth on every week

Exploring simple machines - the ramp!

My kid is already a ball hog!

A future physicist?

The award ceremony!

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Lauren Swan said...

so stinking precious. we start our class in january and this makes me even more excited!!!!